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21 December 2014 | White-throated Kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis) |

photo photo What have some holes on a slope got to do with the Kingfisher? Over the past months, I had observed at least 2 Kingfishers visited these holes regularly. The slope was part of a park that was located on high ground. There were at least 6 holes that spread across a small area on the slope. When I first saw the birds flying in and out of the holes, I thought they are merely searching for food.

photo The pictures were taken early this month in the comfort of my home, which happened to be facing the slope. Due to the distance and the limitation of my camera, the quality of the pictures were not too great.

After looking up for more information on this bird, I believe they were actually building their nests in the ground. The holes seen on the slope are the entrance of the nests. For a comprehensive description of this Kingfisher and its breeding habit, you can visit the DNA of Singapore website. Unfortunately, the slope was in an open area of the park where regular grass cutting was being carried out. Also, it was relatively easy for anyone to get to the holes. The chance that the birds would eventually laid the eggs and successfully nurturing them was rather slim.

I was not a bird person but was still quite excited about finding out and observing the breeding habit of this colourful bird.

Update: 5 November 2016

photo photo I took my second kingfisher pictures today at the Woodlands Waterfront Park. It was a Collared Kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris).


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