Nature Walk Series
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
3 July 2010


This particular trip was eventful and nearly got aborted. My original plan was to spend the morning at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (BTNR). When I reached my destination at about 8:30am, to my horror, the memory stick was not in the camera. I had left it in my computer drive the other night. By the time I made my way home and got the memory stick, it was about 10:30am before I got off the bus again at Bukit Timah Road. At this time, the rain was pouring. It was a bad start and now a bad weather. Since I had already spent 3 hours to-and-fro on the road, I decided to just go for a cup of coffee and wait for the rain to stop.

Indeed, the heavy rain did turn into drizzling at around 11am. I was glad that I persist because I did have some great encounters this time round.

photophoto photoThe first surprise came when I saw something hanging below a leaf at waist level. My first thought was that it might be an insect. Indeed, it was a baby cicada in moulting mode. I had seen adult cicadas and their leftover casts, but never a moulting one.

The young cicada looked more like a fish than an insect. Based on my research later, it would take about 4 hours for it to be fully transformed into a full-blown cicada. I did not wait for it to happen. Instead, I moved on after admiring the cute little creature for about 5 minutes.

The next excitement was just 20 minutes ahead. I saw a blooming pink flower at ground level, just by the side of the foot path. It was from a creeper with tendrils. After close examination, it appeared to be a flower from the Passion Flower family. I was surprised that to find a Passiflora species in the middle of the forest. After searching around the area, I did find another two flowers and some flower buds but no fruit. [Update: Passiflora quadriglandulosa]

photophoto photophoto

photophotoI had found 2 plants new to me during this trip but had yet to determine their identity.

One of them was a climber with a fruit stalk that resembled that of a Piper [Update: Anadendrum microstachyum]

The other one was a shrub with colourful berries that might be an Ardisia species. [Update: Ardisia sanguinolenta]

Due to the wet weather in the last few days, mushrooms were sprouting everywhere. Below was just a sample of them:

photophotophoto photo

photophotophoto photophoto

The trip ended at around 3 pm. It was a long day but the effort was worthwhile, just like any other field trips.

Photo Gallery:

Below are selected photos from this trip arranged according to the sequence that they were taken. There is a text link under the photo that will direct you to more photos of the same species if they are available in my website.

Hives of stingless bees


First shot: 11:15 am
Last shot: 2:50 pm
Total number of shots: 380

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