Subulina octona
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Classification: | Kingdom: Animalia | Phylum: Mollusca | Class: Gastropoda | Superfamily: Achatinoidea | Family: Subulinidae | Genus: Subulina |

There are several of these small snails that looked very similar, making it difficult to ascertain whether the name given to pictures above is the right one. The tiny snails above were found in my pots. Based on the guide book "A Guide to Snails and other Molluscs of Singapore" published by Singapore Science Centre in 2012, there are at least 3 similar-looking ones from the family Subulinidae, namely Subulina octona, Lamellaxis gracilis and Opeas pumilum. The empty shell pictures in the guide book did not offer much help.

In a snail survey done at the island of Pulau Tekong and reported in June 2015, there were 2 snails from the family Subulinidae mentioned, namely Subulina octona and Paropeas achatinaceum. Paropeas achatinaceum was noted to be a rare species. In the Singapore snail checklist published in 2010, seven species from the family Subulinidae were listed.

For now, I have named the snails above as Subulina octona.