Physa acuta
[Bladder Snail, Tadpole Snail]
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Classification: | Kingdom: Animalia | Phylum: Mollusca | Class: Gastropoda | Superfamily: Planorboidea | Family: Physidae | Genus: Physa |

The snail was first reported as Stenophysa spathidophallus in 2013 [1]. In a publication in June 2015, the same authors clarified that the naming of Stenophysa spathidophallus was incorrect. The snail should be the globally-invasive Physa acuta [2].


[1] Ng TH, Tan SK. Freshwater snail Stenophysa spathidophallus at Jurong. Singapore Biodiversity Records 2013: 17. | Read article |

[2] Ng TH, Tan SK, Yeo DCJ. Clarifying the identity of the long-established, globally-invasive Physa acuta Draparnaud, 1805 (Gastropoda: Physidae) in Singapore. BioInvasions Records 2015; 4 (3): 189-194. | Read article |

The eggs below were found under the leaves of a floating aquatic plant, Frogbit (Hydrocharis morsus-ranae) in my fish tank. It was uncertain whether they belonged to this snail as there was another similar-looking snail (Pseudosuccinea columella) living in the same fish tank.

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