Indoplanorbis exustus
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Classification: | Kingdom: Animalia | Phylum: Mollusca | Class: Gastropoda | Superfamily: Planorboidea | Family: Planorbidae | Genus: Indoplanorbis |

The picture below showed the size of the snail compared to the smaller Bladder Snail (Physa acuta). The other picture showed egg masses that might belong to this snail.

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This fresh water snail is supposed to be common in some South-East Asian countries. From the number of reports seen [1-3], this snail appeared to be very common in India and a handy experimental subject. It is the host of some parasites that may infect animals and humans [1, 4]. Despite the many reports, mainly on the invasiveness, parasitic host and control of this snail, pictures of the life snail are rare in the Internet.


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