Adoretus compressus
[Rose Beetle]
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Classification: | Kingdom: Animalia | Phylum: Arthropoda | Class: Insecta | Order: Coleoptera | Family: Scarabaeidae | Genus: Adoretus |

Except for pictures of the beetle, there is not much detailed background information specific to this beetle in the Internet. From the article published in the Journal of Insect Science in 2011 [1], I can probably infer that there are at least 2 Adoretus species available in Singapore, namely Adoretus compressus and Adoretus sinicus. There is a table in the article that list the host plants of the Adoretus species. For Adoretus compressus, only one host plant (Lychee; Litchi chinensis) was indicated. As for Adoretus sinicus, it preyed on over 250 species of plants. However, other report [2] had listed Adoretus compressus as polyphagous (i.e. feed on plants belonging to different families).

Based on the pictures that I saw, both species look quite similar and I was not able to find any information that distinguish between the two. Since similar pictures found locally has named this beetle as Adoretus compressus, I had kept to this name for now.


[1] McQuate GT, Jameson ML. Distinguishing male and female Chinese rose beetles, Adoretus sinicus, with an overview of Adoretus species of biosecurity concern. Journal of Insect Science 2011;11:64. | Read article |

[2] Waterhouse DF. The Major Arthropod Pests an Importance and Origin. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. 1993; Monograph No. 21. | Read article |