Leonurus japonicus
[Chinese Motherwort, Motherwort]
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Close-up views:

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DSC03587 (14)
P4290038 (17)
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The seed is elongated and about 2 millimetres long.

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DSC08125 (15)
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Plant Notes

| Last updated: June 2023 |

I had a special interest on this plant because it had naturalized in my pot over time. Also, it is a beautiful plant when the erected whorled flowers along the erected stem are in full bloom. So far, it was the only cultivated plant that had thrived for many generations in my potted area. However, it is unlikely to make it in the wild due to the slow germination of the seeds and hence, would not be able to compete with fast-growing wild plants. Upon matured, there will be hundreds of seeds ready to drop to the ground upon the slightest movement of the plant such as the impact by rain drops.

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Before 2010

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