Forest Series
Forest Floor: Flowers / Fruits / Seeds

The forest floor is an exciting place to explore. Finding plant parts on the ground often provide clues on the identity of the surrounding tall trees. This section displays the pictures of flowers, fruits and seeds found on the forest floor during my field trips, with links to pictures of the plants in my website if there are available.


DSC02803 (14)

DSC05722 (12)

DSC02054 (14)

DSC00247 (14)

DSC00269 (14)

DSC00278 (14)

DSC05783 (12)

DSC00323 (14)

DSC05789 (12)

DSC07772 (12)

DSC08325 (14)

DSC03955 (12)

DSC07318 (11)

DSC06961 (13)

DSC02752 (14)

DSC03389 (12)

DSC06722 (11)

DSC02751 (14)

DSC02598 (14)