Exallage auricularia
[Eared Starviolet]
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Close-up views:

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Plant Notes

| Last updated: November 2022 |

Hedyotis auricularia, a synonym of Exallage auricularia was listed in the Singapore flora checklist published in 2009 and the Flora of Singapore (Rubiaceae) published in 2019 (page 114).

In the 2009 checklist, there was a name Diodia ocymifolia (synonym of Spermacoce ocymifolia) that had similar appearance with Exallage auricularia as shown in some websites. One of them was the Plants of Saint Lucia website. In May 2017, I believe I have found the real Spermacoce ocymifolia which helped me to solve the mystery between Exallage auricularia and Spermacoce ocymifolia. They looked very similar except for the flowers. However, in the 2019 Rubiaceae publication mentioned above, there was a picture of the flowers of Spermacoce ocymifolia in page 293 which looked more like those from Mitracarpus hirtus.

In the Hong Kong Baptist University website, the picture that associated with the name Hedyotis auricularia looked more like Spermacoce remota. The pictures that aligned to mine when using the name Hedyotis auricularia is from Yi Shuen flickr site.

In the iNaturalist website viewed on 12 November 2022, there were 10 observations of Exallage auricularia from Singapore.

There is a YouTube video (Chinese) from Malaysia that explained the medicinal use of Hedyotis auricularia. A picture of the plant seen at around 3:00 minutes point looked more like Spermacoce remota.

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